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August Boxycharm!!

August Boxycharm!!

Hey guys!! I just got my Boxycharm and it's time for my review! 

Party Animal Eyeshadow Palette ($19)

This is one of the only products that I have taken out of the box knowing that I'm throwing it away. I can make a palette work if I can use a couple of the shades but I can't use any of them..not even a little bit. In my opinion this is more of a palette for a make up artist - and I'm not sure how many people would get use out of it. 



Becca - First Light Priming Filter ($18)

Becca is a great brand so getting in the box is really cool! This primer makes my skin looks so healthy and glowy - loveeee it!! 

Smashbox - Be Legendary Liquid Pigment (Crush It) ($24)

If you are looking for a hot poppin' lip than this is your gal. This lip is very pigmented (hence the name) but not a lip that I'm typically use to but excited to give it a go. I think it will look really good with fall looks!



Wander - Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Masks ($13)

I am a sucker for all things face masks. I love the cooling effect that this gives and it really did help my under eyes. Also it's gold...so you look good while getting pampered

Bang Beauty - Chocolate Eyeliner ($22)

I'm not quite sure how I feel about this product yet. Supposedly it's an all in one eyeliner, eye shadow base, and even a brow touch up. I don't like this for my brows because it's just too creamy, it is too dark for me to use as a base, and I like stick eye shadows...so actually talking through it I don't like this product haha

NCLA - So Rich Lollipop Lollipop ($18)

I love having my nails painted! So anything that is meant to help them look better and keep them healthy I'm for! 


The total value of the box this month was $114! 


This will be my last Boxycharm review for a while...I got a 3 month subscription and to be completely honest I just didn't want to renew. I was excited for each months box but when I really look over all three boxes it's just a little disappointing. Over the last three months we have received an eyeshadow palette  - 2 of which I'm already planning on throwing away. There have been some really good products but I feel over the last 3 months I get the same type product but different brand. 


September Boxycharm

September Boxycharm

NKD Skin Mousse & Everyday Lotion

NKD Skin Mousse & Everyday Lotion