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My Hair Care Routine!

My Hair Care Routine!

Hey guys! Hope yall are having a good day! 

Today I wanted to talk about my go to products for my hair. 

You may or may not know but for almost a year now I have switched to Monat. I don't really push selling it much any more because I mainly focus on the boutique side of things. But that doesn't mean that I have stopped using it! 

There are 3 Monat shampoos that I switch up using: Black, IRT (Intense Repair Treatment), and Revive (Volume). Revive is by far my most used because I love volume since my hair being so thin. I have a couple of the Monat conditioners but I don't really use them much because having so much product in my hair tends to weigh it down.

I love Monat because I have can actually tell a difference in the health of my hair! I use to use bottles of Pantene and really just tons of bad products that were damaging my hair. I always had split ends even after I got my hair cut it didn't take but a day or so for them to come back. But now my hair actually looks super healthy and there are no split ends! Monat is also a very natural company which is just an extra bonus!

Monat is pretty expensive but it really does last a while and for what it does for my hair I don't mind spending it!! 

Now just to be completely honest their styling products have not grown on me..some days they work for me and some they just don't....so the styling product that is my fav is Bed Head Superstar Queen for a Day - Thickening Spray.

I spray this all over my hair while it's wet and then dry it. The volume it gives my hair is literally perfect! It doesn't make my hair stick or crunchy just beautiful volume (:

So if you are interested in the Monat products feel free to message me, you can also check out the link to shop here: meaganselby.mymonat.com 

I buy Bed Head at Ulta but I have also seen them at Publix. I would recommend Ulta just because you can get a $3.50 off and save you some money! It is $19.99 & you get 10.2 oz.

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