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KL Polish Spring Collection: Ethereal Garden

KL Polish Spring Collection: Ethereal Garden

Hey guys! I know I have talked about my love for KL Polish before...but she just released the Spring line and I am obsessed! I am wanting to do a post like this every time she releases a line because I think it's fun to try them all out on the nails and so that you can get an idea of what they all look like!

If you haven't tried KL Polish I highly recommend them. They are just a super fun company! To read more of my thoughts on why they are so awesome check out my last review: KL Polish Review


Now to the beautiful nail polishes....



This is such a cool color to wear! It is a purple with a blue hues but depending on what light your looking at it in it changes.

This is just such a fun girly shade!

I did think of all the shades this wasn't going to be and everyday shade but it is! It is just a beautiful sheer finish that I think make your nails just glow! I love it!!


Gum Would Be Perfection

If you are a Friends fan...you totally get this and love the name. This is a beautiful bubble gum pink! This was the only shade that was harder for me to work with (something with the pigmentation) but nothing that bad! 


Not much to say about this shade! I'm not a yellow kind of gal but I did think the shade looked pretty on the nails!

Dream Boy

This is such a delicate color! I love it! From far away it looks a little more blue but up close it's a georgeous lilic shade.

(side note sorry for being repetitive with using beautiful, georgeous, pretty -- but those are all the words that come to mind looking at these pastel colors❤️)


This shade is very very natural! I think it would be the perfect shade for a wedding or a formal event. Formula is jelly like and opaque. I did two coats for all of these photos, but I really consider doing 3 coats for this shade. 


Miss Kensington

MY FAV! I knew that this was going to be my favorite as soon as I saw KL Polish reveal it. My favorite color is Sea Foam and I am very picky on the color (don't want it too green or too blue) but this color is truly perfect!!

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