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Tan Towels Review

Tan Towels Review

One of my favorite things about summer is being tan! I mean who doesn't, right? But if you're like me and just turn red and burn in the sun you use self tanners (: 

My go to for a while now has been the Loreal Sublime Bronzer... but recently it has just fallen short for me. 

So I was at Ulta the other day and saw these towels and thought I should give them a try because the reviews on it were amazing! 


So on to my overall review...

I LOVE these towels. Now I'm not going to lie I have got to get use to them because I did have a few streaks (not the products fault - just learning the best techniques) but the process, smell, dry time, and over all look is great! 

Process: super easy, you open up the towelette and rub it over all the parts you want tan. I got the Travel To-Go pack because it comes with 2 half body and 2 full body. I plan on doing a full body and the beginning of the week and then towards the end of the week using the half body. (I do think there is enough product to use the half body all over) 

Smell: I actually like the smell of self tanners but I didn't find this scent to be very strong. You can smell it when you put it on but I couldn't smell any the next day. * Again, just depends on how you like the smell of self tanners. 

Dry Time: IMMEDIATELY. I mean I really believe you could rub this on and right after put clothes on and head out the door. 

Over All Look: I think it's amazing. So in the picture "1 Tan Towel" is the next morning which you can tell a difference in the before but I was just looking for a darker tan so the next night I did it again and "2 Tan Towel" is the day after that. I have LOVED it! I mean I feel like I look tanner but no one else would know that I'm using a self tanner, it just looks so natural to me! 


** Update 4/16: I have been using these for over a month and I still think they are great! The dry time is still one of my favorite things about this product. Now I will say that I don't feel that this gives you the just off the beach glow and just gives you some more color! I feel like I will like these more in the winter when I don't want to be overly tan but still want color. 

I am for sure going to keep repurchasing these! Let me know if you have ever tried these and if so your thoughts! Also, if you use self tanner let me know which one you use so I can check it out! (: 


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