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Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlight

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlight

Hey guys! Happy New Year!

I am super excited for all of the new opportunities this year and I hope the same for you!

My first product review this year is the Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlight.

I have seen several YouTubers talking about this product sooo it was definitely on my Christmas list!

So on to the review...

I really like these drops! I think they have a lot of uses, such as: eye shadow, highlight, and even mix in with foundation for an extra glow. And I love products that have multiple uses!

(Side note: I have heard these are suppose to be dupes for the Cover FX drops but I've never tried them so I can't compare them)

Now for eyeshadow it's not my favorite use because when I used it as a topper it did feel a bit tacky. I feel like these are much better as an eyeshadow base.

For Highlight I like using a flat foundation brush or a sponge. If you really want it to pop I recommend a brush and if your going for a natural look the sponge is the way to go.

To mix in with foundation, my favorite is the bronze gold! I did not like adding starlight to my foundation, I feel like it lightened my foundation and I couldn't see much glow. But I do like it with the bronze gold! It adds a really nice glow which will be perfect for the summer!

Left: Starlight // Right: Bronze Gold

Left: Starlight // Right: Bronze Gold

Overall I do recommend these! I mean for the price the quality is definitely there!

You can purchase these at Ulta for $9 and they have 7 different shades.


Please let me know if you have tried these! I would love to know what you think of them (:

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