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KL Polish Review

KL Polish Review

I have always loved watching YouTube videos! My favorite type of videos are makeup AND my favorite YouTuber is KathleenLights.

I have been watching her for years! She has always just been super funny, relatable, and you can tell she is just being herself. 

I always like to get her collabs with other makeup companies because I think she always has the best of the best!

Last year she launched her own nail polish company called KL Polish! #GirlBoss

I have been wanting to try her polish FOREVER...and finally this Christmas it's basically all I asked for. 

I have been using different shades on and off for about a month and they have definitely lived up to the hype. 

Now I have seen alot of people on Twitter say their polish has lasted on their nails for almost 2 weeks. I have not had that much luck.. I am super rough with my hands! Most nail polish is about 4-5 days and I would say this has kept up with that.

What makes this polish stand out to me is the formula, the brush, and the dry time


One of the best that I have seen, it is not too thick or too thin. I can get the perfect coating in about two coats!


It is a wider brush which fits your nail better and makes the finish look so much nicer! 

Dry Time

This is what has blown me away the most! One of my least favorite parts about painting my own nails is waiting for my nails to dry...because I'm impatient haha. I just feel like I have to be careful for the REST of the day. When I got this polish on Christmas as soon as I opened the polish I put it on...forgetting I still had to cook lunch. 15 min after putting the polish on I was able to cook, it was amazing!! The polish dries so fast that it may take 10 min? It is AMAZING! 

 I love this brand! I have become attached to her colors and the names are just amazing and fun! 

She releases in seasons so Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. She also releases special shades for Birthday and other fun occasions! 

They are $8.50 // .41 fl oz

She will be launching a new shade on Feb. 1st!! Limited Edition. Check it out!! 





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