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Make Up For Ever - Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

Make Up For Ever - Water Blend Face & Body Foundation

I finally got my hands on this one! This has been a foundation I have wanted to try for a while but just haven't gotten to it. I was IN LOVE with the original Face & Body Foundation (seriously won't even throw away the old bottle...I just can't let go! haha) I don't know why they just discontinued it but I had my mind made up that it couldn't be better then the original. I really didn't want to try it because of the high standards I personally gave it. HOWEVER I decided I should at least try it (; 

Although I believe this formula is very different than the original I can see the similarities! 

Okay so to start it is 1.69 fl oz this is more than the typical foundation (most foundations are 1 fl oz) but I think this is because you will have to use more of this foundation for a full coverage look. 

One of the things I love about this foundation is that it is 80% WATER! Which makes it very light weight and runny. With it being light weight you can really control your look, you can use a thin coat and go for a sheer/natural look or use multiple coats for full coverage! 

This means you can go from a natural every day look to a date night look with the same foundation!

Unlike the original I feel like this formula is a lot more runny (hence the water blend). I don't think it is a bad thing I actually like it more than the original! When I am applying the foundation I try to do in small amounts and build up! It is very cooling on the face as it dries and I really enjoy that effect! 

I really wish that I had tried it sooner because it will easily in my opinion take the place of my original!!

I use the shade Y315 and I definitely recommend going into a Sephora to get your shade matched! Because there are over 20 shades.

  • 20 Shades
  • $43 
  • 80% Water
  • Lightweight
  • Sheer - Full Coverage
  • Glass Bottle
  • Sold at Sephora 
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