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It Cosmetics Sample Review

It Cosmetics Sample Review

I know I just did a review on the IT Cosmetic CC cream BUTTT when I bought the foundation I got a sample of their Bye Bye Under Eye, Bye Bye Makeup, and the Confidence in a Cream

Bye Bye Under Eye

Holy crap....is seriously the words out of my mouth when I used this. (In a good way!!) 

I have actually never been into concealers...although I have needed it due to my dark circles most concealers tend to draw attention to it and look patchy.  This concealer is SUPER thick. I mean the smallest amount goes a long way! Even though it is very full coverage it doesn't look cakey on my skin. I definitely want to get my hands on this one!! 

(Light, Med, Med Tan, Tan, Deep, & Warm Deep)

(Light, Med, Med Tan, Tan, Deep, & Warm Deep)


• Anti-Aging

• 6 different shades 

• Ulta, IT Cosmetics, $ Sephora: $24

Bye Bye Makeup

This one is a hard one for me to review...because it wasn't bad but it didn't blow me away. To me I don't think it beats my Simple Makeup Removing Wipes. Using makeup wipes is just the easiest for me personally. If you are someone who doesn't like wipes this may be right up your alley. My favorite part is that it smells like smarties to me..my husband believes it smells like pledge so I guess to each is own (: This is a very unique formula..when I scooped it out on my sample pack it came off like a thick cream and as I would rub it through my fingers it would almost melt..very cool to try. 

• 2.28 OZ

• $38 @ Sephora and IT Cosmetics

Confidence in a Cream

I bought the travel size in this one because I was dying to know what this would do for my skin. Since it was a small amount I used it about every other day or even more to just stretch it out as much as I could! So unfortunately I can't say that this was a life saver or noticeably different for my skin. But it could have if I used it daily! I was very impressed with how soft and clean it made my skin feel! I would buy the full version or if your on a beauty budget I would try the travel sized! 

• 2 OZ

• $48 @ Ulta, IT Cosmetics, and Sephora


I hope this was helpful for you! I would recommend if you want to try any of these products but don't want to pay the high price tag! I would try the travel size at Ulta. I know they have the Concealer and Confidence Cream. 

Let me know if you've tried any of these products!!

xoxo, Meagan

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