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My Highlight Collection - 2017

My Highlight Collection - 2017

I feel like I have a pretty good highlighter collection! I have 2 high end highlights and the rest are drugstore. I have swatches of all of them with and without flash! But I wanted to give a quick review about all of them! Now not everyones skin type is the same and just because this product does or does not work for me doesn’t mean the same for you! As you'll see I lean towards the gold or pink highlights…most of these I feel would work great for fair! Some that don’t work for my skin tone but think would look great on darker skin tones!

Highlight Swatches

Elf Baked Highlight- Moonlight Pearls & Pink Diamonds 

These two are the least expensive of the group they are $4 you can buy these online at Ulta or at Walmart/Target. These are not one of my favorites, I definitely grab other highlights before these. They feel a little chalky to me but they do swatch great! One tip for these is that you basically have to scrap the first layer of this product off to get to the pigments. 

Essence Pure Nude- Be My Highlight

This has way more product than the Elf one and its only .49c more. This is $4.49 and I wish that they had more shades but right now they only have the one. If you like a natural, subtle highlight then this is the highlight for you! I don’t think swatching it does it justice because it is so natural and pretty on the skin! Great for the price! 

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight- Peach Lights

I LOVE this highlight! It is my favorite of all of them! These are $6 and you can buy them at Ulta, they currently have 5 different shades. It feels so soft and silky to the touch and blends amazingly. If you love that Va Va Voom highlight then you have found your match! It is a pink with pearl undertones…very holographic. LOVE LOVE LOVE! I can’t wait to try the rest of them. 

Colourpop- Wisp

I heard everyone talking about this one when I bought it and I was so disappointed that I didn't like it! I still try to use it every once in a while but for me it is too dark for my skin tone (would look great on darker skin tones!) and I find it hard to blend. I feel like when I am blending it out it is taking off my foundation…? That’s probably just me..let me know if you have a great way to apply this! You can purchase these on Colourpop’s website and they are $8. 

Ofra Blush Stipres- Illuminating

Obviously by the name this is considered a blush but I prefer my blushes to be shimmerless so I use this product as a highlight and for eyeshadows! I got this in a Boxycharm so I did not have to pay $35 for it and to be honest I don’t think I will repurchase it. It is a great product! Maybe if you think of it as getting a eyeshadow palette and a highlight it’s not as expensive…right??

Becca shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed- Opal

I don’t even know where to start with this product. It is obviously a cult favorite and for a while I felt like everyone was buying this! This is the most expensive highlight of the group and you can purchase it at Ulta or Sephora, it is $38 and there are 5 different shades. You could apply so many layers of this and I don’t think it would ever get cakey. I have nothing negative to say about it other than that it is so expensive! 

That’s my review on all of my highlights.Let me know if you have any of these products and how they work for you!

I am always looking for new highlights so if yours isn’t mentioned please leave a comment so I can try it out!  

xoxo, Meagan

Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation

Wet N Wild PhotoFocus Foundation