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Jouer Creme Foundation Review

Jouer Creme Foundation Review

So I am always looking for the perfect foundation, of all of the make up that I try out I've got to say that trying out foundation is one of my favorite!

This is my first time ever purchasing from Jouer Cosmetics but I have heard a lot of great things and had very high hopes.

I have tried this foundation a couple of different ways just to make sure I give a well rounded overall review!

-- I applied the foundation with the Jouer Oval Foundation Brush. I only used two pumps and it covered my face pretty evenly. I do think the brush gave a more powdered finish that with building it up could become cakey.

 -- I applied the foundation with a beauty blender. I love the finish that my beauty blender gives but I was skeptical if it would soak up too much of the foundation. YET again it only took 2 pumps for my coverage. I do think I like the look of the beauty blender a little bit more just because of the natural finish.

Where to Purchase: Jouer, Nordstrom, & Beautylish

Cost: $38 ($45 w/ brush)

Shade Range: 18

Size: 0.68 fl oz
*Most foundations are 1 fl oz

Overall Thoughts:

My face looked just as good as when I out it on and 8+ hours later!! I couldn't believe it. I have never had a foundation last that long!! Even my highlight was still visible at the end of the day, and for me typically my highlight is the first thing to fade! I am definitely going to recommend this to my family and friends.

I really do LOVE this foundation it has easily become my favorite! Now there are so many products that I want to try from Jouer They have definitely set the bar!!

**Now everyones skin type is different just because this is my favorite does not meant that it will work the same for you. I typically have normal skin, I do think if you have dry skin this might not be your go to foundation. 


Let me know if you have tried this foundation and what your thoughts are! 

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