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Colourpop Holiday Lip Shades

Colourpop Holiday Lip Shades

I have always been a huge Colourpop fan, they are very affordable and still high quality!

Colourpop had a huge sale this month and of course I had to be apart of it...(:

So these are some of the shades that I picked up that I am loving this month!

Ultra Matte Lips

This formula is probably my least favorite just because my lips are definitely on the dry side. But if you are needing a long lasting lip or even a lip stain I think this would be right up your alley! After about 3+ hours of wearing it the color looked just as good as when I put it on....but I did end up taking it off because my lips were just too dry. Another tip to keep in mind is that the color in the tube is much lighter than what actually applies on the lips. These are also $6 each. 


More Better


Ultra Metallic Lip



I was expecting this formula to be like the Ultra Matte lippies but they are different! This formula is more of a mousse texture. I did find that as I wore it the glitter did seem to run towards the edge of my lip..but not too bad! Don't last as long as the Ultra Matte would but they are more comfortable to wear. I really do love the finishes of these! Perfect for a holiday party!




Ultra Glossy Lip


These are definitely my FAVORITE!! They are perfect for almost any look and they are great to just keep in your purse and just freshen up your lips throughout the day. Moon Child is the holy grail nude lip, Aquarius works with the no make up make look, and Cabana Boy is just gorgeouszz!!!! These are also $6 each. 

Moon Child


Cabana Boy


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